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During difficult seasons of life, when we don't know where to turn, many people feel that God is far away. When God Feels Far Away is a personal, practical guide to overcoming spiritual traps that keep you from drawing closer to the Lord.

People grope in the darkness trying to fill a void, reaching for anything that will bring them happiness and satisfaction. They are unable to see that what they are really missing is intimacy with God. This book will help you see what holds you back from having a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God. Putting basic biblical principles into regular practice will revitalize your relationship with the Lord and transform your life.



Take a deeper dive into understanding yourself and your relationship with God. Click here to receive your FREE digital download of the When God Feels Far Away study guide, which accompanies When God Feels Far Away.

Do you know how much God loves you? He sees and knows what’s going on in your life and wants to meet you where you are. Did you know you are the daughter of a King? Your Heavenly Father is King of the Universe and you are His baby girl!

You are cordially invited as Your Royal Highness to read daily notes of love written just for you. May these Holy Spirit-inspired snippets of truth meet you where you are daily to affirm how much He loves you. After all, you are His baby girl.



"When God Feels Far Away helped me to get honest with myself about the blocks in my spiritual life, and how to tear them down so that I could truly have the relationship I always desired and so desperately need. "

Luci Shields

"When God Feels Far Away is a great read with even greater advice. It felt like the book was written just for me! So many "light bulb" moments. Packed with great insights on the traps we all fall into and how we can get out of them. I can't wait to read through it again! "

Heather Vaughn

"Just got done reading. When God Feels Far Away truly touched me in a very positive way. This is a very good book for any man or woman who wants to get closer to God."

Jack Donio

"Through her struggles, Debbie Mascioli has developed a deep faith and a closer relationship with the God of the Universe, and she invites you to join her to do the same! When God Feels Far Away walks you through practical steps to get back to basic daily disciplines that will change you for the better. More of a reference book, you will be pulling this off the shelf for years to come. If you are looking for some life change, I highly encourage you to get this book and let Debbie walk you straight to where you belong."

Danielle Weissman

"Debbie Mascioli teaches that a deeper relationship with God takes time and intentionality. Just like any relationship, what you put into it is what you’ll get out of it. A closer walk with God is worth it! "

Jennifer Muller

"From the moment I picked up Debbie Mascioli's book, "When God feels Far Away" I couldn't put it down. It was a message to me and for me. Debbie's own experiences and tragic circumstances caused her to "Be Still", to know God better and to enrich her relationship with our God, Jesus, and understanding the crucial role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. With her words, she depicts her deep love for God and identifies the traps that we all can fall into which can hinder our relationship with our God. Best of all, she shows us how to overcome these traps and how to pray and "hear" God speak to us through prayer, meditation, and fasting. With such an enriching and encouraging message, this book is must read for all who are seeking a deeper relationship with our Creator. May you be blessed by her words. "

Michele Bunnion

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