Recently, I enrolled in Christian Life Coaching with Debbie Mascioli. Coach Debbie is exceptionally talented and gifted in her field. She is perceptive, compassionate, and a superb listener whose experience speaks volumes. Additionally, her gentle, kind, and patient approach is most engaging.

My goals included improving my prayer life and my relationships, among other things. Biblical peacemaking was sure a bonus—an eye-opener that developed my understanding of handling conflicts. Christian Life Coaching has added value to my life, primarily because I am focused on what God’s plan is for me.

We have used the services and expertise of Debbie Mascioli's Coaching and Consulting Services during Women’s Weekend events at Sandy Cove Ministries the past 2 years with great success and results.

Debbie has shown extraordinary commitment, professionalism, and excellence in providing life coaching sessions for our guests and have added a dimension to our programming that has proven to be life-changing for many.

We are thrilled with how God has used Debbie in our mission to help women connect with God and each other.

I was feeling stuck and unfulfilled, no matter which way I turned. So I decided to try weekly coaching sessions with Debbie. She helped me identify emotional roadblocks keeping me from the abundant life Jesus died to give me. I found that fear ruled my life. Fear of rejection, mistakes, failure, even fear of succeeding and becoming puffed up with pride were keeping me from God's true plan for me. This was a spiritual battle that needed the Holy Spirit's strength. 
As we come to the end of our sessions, I am on the horizon of discovering God's perfect plan for my life. I have been so blessed by working with her, and I know my story will not end here. I can walk now with my head held high knowing that I am a Child of the King and that He has a unique plan for me.  

I am a 74-year-old woman who never gave much thought to personal growth. I would never have pursued coaching on my own, but I won a free session. I didn’t realize how much I needed it.

To be honest, I was a little skeptical. But after the consultation, I knew this was what the Lord had for me—to invest in myself and let God do the rest.  This was an answer to prayer. Each week the Holy Spirit speaks through Debbie to teach me a new lesson and bring about new growth.

After my husband died, I was overwhelmed with emotions and responsibilities. Yet I had a strong desire to move forward. With three kids deserving an engaged and proactive mom, I could not allow myself to remain stuck. I needed to learn how to lead my family. So I began life coaching with Debbie.

God uses Debbie as His instrument to walk me through my struggles and circumstances in order to unlock what God wants to do in my life. She helps me view these things through the lens of redemption, which ultimately sets me free.


Debbie exceeded my expectations. She was informative and a joy to talk with. She related to what I was discussing and we processed actions steps for resolve. She is spirit filled and led.
I was positively given a new resolve to purpose God has given me and the tools in which to reach what I need to do to fulfill his will. Debbie is an excellent listener who heard and helped me to see what God’s purpose and plan are for me.

This session was awesome! I as able to see that I can be “active” to change my situation and relationship with others. Debbie exceeded my expectations.
I attend individual counseling and her life coaching touched my spirit so much. Life coaching has changed my views. I feel transformed. I would recommend Debbie for spiritual coaching. She speaks right to the heart!

Debbie vastly exceeded my expectations and well beyond! I came away with valuable strategies and encouragement! My session was more than I could ever imagine. I discovered a resolve, experienced a transformational moment and feel empowered to work on my actions steps!
She enabled me to see my potential, to take realistic steps to meet my goals and to be come what they are meant to be. I want that for my friends too!

Debbie helped me develop a habit of quietness and stillness that would allow me to focus and sort through my experiences and ideas. Debbie helped me see how I have been equipped to step into future endeavors. She listened and guided me as I put together the pieces of my life that create my unique design.

Now I have a beautiful picture of what is in my toolbox of life - my gifts, talents, opportunities, strengths and so much more. I am empowered to live more fully and confidently in my purpose and my identity as an individual and as a daughter of the King.


My session was excellent. It helped me know what I was desiring was OK and how to effectively communicate what I needed. Debbie was informative and a joy to talk to. She related to all I was feeling/needing to discuss. She was Spirit-filled and led. I have new action plans. Debbie gave me sound scriptural coaching. She was an excellent listener who heard and helped me to see God’s purpose and plan is for me.

Debbie is mentor, teacher, encourager, discipliner, and a seeker of the Truth. I can think of no other person that I would want to have walk beside me in the darkest hours and also in times of joy. She has proven her faithfulness to me time and time again. She is a true servant of the Lord and I am more than blessed to have her in my life.

Because of her coaching me and taking time to help me grow, I am reaching out to other women. Without her discipleship I would not be able to do this. She shows the love of Jesus in all that she does and inspires me to want to do the same.

The session helped me to love myself more and know God loves me. She helped me see what was holding me back.

I had no idea the session would be so scripturally sound and beneficial! I am going to flip my perspective and stop focusing on the negative.

The timing came perfectly to have someone give me actual direction on what I need to do to change.

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