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Do you ever feel like you need to protect yourself from someone’s negativity? How about when someone hurts your feelings and you try to talk with them about it, but they don’t see it the same way? How about when your attempts at reconciliation are met with resistance?

What do we do? If you are like me, maybe you retreat and hope for the best. It’s hard to trust people when you have been stabbed in the back, talked about, avoided because you follow God, had authority misused against you, and been mistreated.

I believe the Holy Spirit led me to share this vulnerable part of my life in order to help others grow. I’m praying it helps someone.

Now, I have moved on from those hurts. I am kind, I forgive, and I don’t dwell on these things. They’re not in the forefront of my mind. But they have taken up space in my heart! Thus, I simply retreat. I even found myself neglecting prayer, which is unlike me.

This summer, God revealed some things I needed to...

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Heartsick over Deferred Hope?

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverb 13:12

How many of us have had our hope deferred? We’re longing for our prayer to be answered, waiting for the ray of hope that things will get better. That our dream will come true some day. Some of us have been yearning for such a long time, our hearts are just sick from waiting.

What is your heart just sick over?

Many of us are heartsick over a dream not yet fulfilled. It could be anything from our Prince Charming, the deliverance of our children, a job offer, lifting of a financial burden, waiting on the next big break, or so much more.

Are you heartsick? Has your hope been deferred? Do you know someone who is heartsick? 

Here’s a thought. I don’t believe we are the only ones who become heartsick. I believe God feels heartsick over delayed hope, desiring a more intimate relationship with us. I wonder if this verse is how He shares the hurt of His heart and His desire and...

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