Designed for a Purpose

"I wish I was like So-and-so.” “She did this and it worked, so I’m going to do that too!” We’ve all been there. How often do we find ourselves chasing after other peoples callings? 

It’s so easy to pick up what others are doing when we are searching for the one thing God is calling us to do. We naturally try on all those ministries like we would a new dress or a pair of jeans or shoes. We want to see what will fit.

However, that is not the way God hands out assignments. He isn't hit or miss. When we tune in to His voice, we find He is precise, direct, and compelling. 

Life is hard, isn't it? We may truly want to serve God and do His will, but so many voices compete for our attention. Too often we fall prey to the pressures of man, the voices of reason and control of others, and of course the enemy detouring us to keep us from fulfilling our destiny.

Be encouraged! You were born individually and uniquely with a specific purpose, plan, and...

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