We Begin...

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web! I thought I’d begin by sharing a bit about what you can expect from me in future posts.

The world as we know it has transformed itself through the centuries. The cities hold an array of cultures, ideas, religions, and traditions. What if we could hone in on individuals to understand the way they think, move, desire, and contribute to society?

My heart's desire is to:

  • Restore hope to a hurting world 
  • Inspire growth for awareness and change 
  • Empower purpose to help you live out your God-given potential 
  • Transform lives to be free to live the abundant life.

 As I pray and seek God for blog content, I believe He will bless with new revelation and encourage us all for truth and righteousness.

I’m not ashamed to share that I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ who aims to build unity. My desire is to lead a community whose foundation is love, grace, and forgiveness. 

I believe myself to be an agent for change. A world changer. I influence the influencers. I believe change begins with me. I desire to inspire others and intend to lead by example.

I’m sure my blog will contain posts that will encourage you, inspire you, and maybe even irritate you. Some of my blog posts may cause contention or controversy. It’s OK, we can agree to disagree. 

Even when we disagree, I hope to challenge you and your mindset. I promise you this—with me, you’ll get faith, honesty, integrity, and lots of love. Although I am not much of an entertainer, my desire is to add value to your life!

Join me as the Holy Spirit leads us on a journey to the depths of our hearts. 

I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog to receive email updates! Please share your thoughts. I look forward to connecting with you!

Your time is now!

~Debbie Mascioli

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