Lessons Learned on Mount Misery - part 1 of 3

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2019

Trekking with a guide is hard. It can be overwhelming. You have the vision to reach a certain destination, but the way can be oh-so-difficult. You could never imagine just how challenging it would be.

Climbing Mount Misery, a volcano in St. Kitts, was the HARDEST physical thing I had ever done in my life! Our guide headed out at a fast-to-moderately-faster pace, taking a straight vertical route up over monstrous roots and boulders that ranged from tiny to king-size. There were falling rocks and lots of slick, slippery mud.

This was no easy task. I wanted to give up many times. It was so hard. My thighs burned, I was out of breath, my heart raced, and I kept thinking, “If I push myself, will I have a heart attack?!”

I kept lagging behind, asking the guide for a rest, asking “Can we go a bit slower?” as I huffed and puffed. I had no shame speaking up in this group of people that hired my guide for the same reason I did. Many were struggling and slipping worse than I.

I was thinking, “Oh my goodness, I am so out of shape.” The guide said, “We have a certain amount of time to do this and still be back before the ship leaves. Keep close with the group to maintain energy and momentum. Otherwise, you will want to quit and you will not make it to the top.”

Friends, it took three hours of hardcore, no incline, straight up climbing to reach the top of the volcano. I thought I was going to pass out!

What kept me going? I had a vision that I wanted to see inside a volcano. I trusted my hired guide and kept going.

This photo shows a clearing where I could actually take a picture without worrying about falling. This looks easy compared to what we actually had to face, but hopefully, you will get the idea and enjoy the beauty of the rainforest.

What were the rewards of my vision? Tune in tomorrow and I will share more of my adventure with my trusted guide!

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