Learning to Trust

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2018

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed, needing a place of retreat? I know there are plenty of times I do. I just need to get away from my surroundings to think, clear my mind, and focus on Jesus. I know when I’m struggling, it means I have lost sight of Jesus’ saving power.

Do you find yourself trying to do life on your own? Relying own your own strength to get you by? Yeah, me too. It is so important for us to refocus and really learn how to give up control, yet still participate and be intentional with our lives.

I get this question all the time. Debbie, how? How do I trust Jesus? How do I give up control, yet live my life?

Here is what I have learned. When I am in His Word daily, seeking Him for guidance, walking very closely, listening for His voice, I go to Him for everything. I don’t get out of bed before talking with Him, praying to Him, giving Him praise for being my God. I acknowledge my great need for Him and ask Him to help me.

For me, this is what giving up control looks like now that I’ve had a shift take place in my life. Rather than demanding a particular result, I rely on Him with trust that whatever the outcome, it is well with my soul. I pray. I am actively participating in where I believe He is sending me. I am intentional with our life together, and I trust that after I have done my best, the outcome is His responsibility and I am at peace with it.

It releases me from striving. It frees me from thinking I can save anyone or change the outcome of a situation.

Now, when life takes off and we get super busy, it is so easy to “forget” God is in control. We can have a tendency to run ahead of God, jockeying for position as we may be super excited or overly confident about a situation.

Take a moment to retreat. Take three deep cleansing breaths, exhale slowly, and release the pressure of feeling that you have to perform or complete anything. God is sovereign, He’s got you.

The thought to keep before us is this. It is Jesus who saves. Praise Him for that! That is one job I personally do not want. Those words mean, Jesus is the supreme authority and it is He who will deliver you from whatever you need in the moment and for all eternity.

I hope this helped today. Here We Grow!

Much love, my friends


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