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Do you ever feel like you need to protect yourself from someone’s negativity? How about when someone hurts your feelings and you try to talk with them about it, but they don’t see it the same way? How about when your attempts at reconciliation are met with resistance?

What do we do? If you are like me, maybe you retreat and hope for the best. It’s hard to trust people when you have been stabbed in the back, talked about, avoided because you follow God, had authority misused against you, and been mistreated.

I believe the Holy Spirit led me to share this vulnerable part of my life in order to help others grow. I’m praying it helps someone.

Now, I have moved on from those hurts. I am kind, I forgive, and I don’t dwell on these things. They’re not in the forefront of my mind. But they have taken up space in my heart! Thus, I simply retreat. I even found myself neglecting prayer, which is unlike me.

This summer, God revealed some things I needed to...

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Are you walking in agreement... with God?

obedience seeking god Apr 25, 2019


Amos 3:3 Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?

How can we say we walk with God and not agree on where we are going?

We show that we do not agree when we:

Walk the other way, opposite of what His Word encourages us to do.

When we want, what we want, when we want it, without care to God or anyone else, for that matter.

When we think negative, evil, unkind thoughts of another.

When we let sin get the best of us; pride, jealousy, disappointment, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, adultery... all the negative and heavy emotions that keep us captive in torment.

When we gossip rather than pray.

When we talk about our dislike of another, lie and twist a story to make ourselves look like the victim, and do not take ownership that maybe it was our fault.

When we sin and do not confess it.

When we are too busy to study to show ourselves approved in the Scriptures, to pray, to be still with Him.

When we are not abiding close enough to hear His still,...

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He lives! Celebrating the Power of the Resurrection

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2019

This week we enter into the celebration of recognizing and declaring that Jesus Christ, who is our Lord and Savior, went to bat for us! Jesus saw our need. Jesus took our place. Jesus saved us from the penalty of our sins by taking them upon Himself.

Jesus took the shame, ridicule, abuse, rejection, abandonment, and disfigurement for you and for me. He proved His love to us through action. He put His money where His mouth is. He did not give us lip service, He gave us LIFE SERVICE.

Resurrection Sunday, better known as Easter, is my favorite holiday—even more so than Christmas. Jesus was born a miracle and so much of His birth is vital to the rest of the story.
But the Scriptures never tell us to commemorate His birth.

Jesus laying down His life at the CROSS so that we might have life is where the POWER is for us. His death, burial, and resurrection is where our story begins. Jesus giving His life that we may have life is the beginning of VICTORY. When we confess our need and...

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He is Worthy!

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2019


Let's talk about the word  WORTHY .

Who do we find worthy?

God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, is our dignitary, our celebrity. Our most important relationship is the one we have with Him. He is the public figure, the pillar of society, the leading light, the big name, and the only one worthy of our praise and devotion.

Who do we praise?

Who do we seek affection and attention from?

Who do we devote our time, energy, and money to?

Who is our idol?

Are they worthy of your loyalty?

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Do not desire fame, friendship, or fortune. Do not seek out people, do not seek affections and security from others. Do not serve anyone or anything that zaps your energy away from the Great I AM.

God Almighty is the only one in existence who is worthy. He is worthy of our devotion, worthy of our loyalty, worthy of our service, worthy of our praise. 

When we put God first in our lives, when we love Him with all...

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Lessons Learned on Mount Misery - part 3 of 3

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2019

As I shared, climbing Mount Misery was torturous. But I was so excited, anticipating what it would be like to see into the center of a volcano with my own two eyes.

The path narrowed as we got closer to the top. I imagined that once we got there we would be able to walk around, take in the beauty, and rest there a bit. I looked forward to praying at the top of this grand volcanic mountain and enjoying the wonder of it all.

As we neared the top, it was so narrow we had to walk in a single file line. The trees lined both sides of the path. We were at the back of the group.

Why were we stopped? I felt a bit impatient with the excitement of being so close to my vision becoming reality, so I finally passed a kind question to the front of the line. “Hey, is everyone ok? Why aren’t we moving?”

The answer shocked me! “We are at the top. There is limited room for each person to get their picture. Everyone will get their turn.”

What! I tried to get a glimpse...

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Lessons Learned on Mount Misery - part 2 of 3

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2019

When you’re climbing upward over obstacles and slippery slopes, it’s so easy to focus only on what is coming up in front of you and what seems to be in your way. With each moment, you’re thinking strategically about how you will navigate your steps without losing your footing.

I will admit I am a bit on the adventurous side. I have spent a lot of time rock climbing over the years. Now for those who would like me to clarify what my idea of rock climbing is (because I know you were thinking of me with ropes, tie-downs, or heavy equipment as I leap over treacherous mountains in a single bound!), it’s freestyle, being able to get a firm footing on large stones and boulders and explore freely.

Feeling brave, I would sometimes take my eyes off my footing and take in the beauty of my surroundings—such as the rain forest all around me and the TREES! The amazing, beautiful, enormous trees! These trees could be right out of the Tarzan movie or the Swiss Family...

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Lessons Learned on Mount Misery - part 1 of 3

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2019

Trekking with a guide is hard. It can be overwhelming. You have the vision to reach a certain destination, but the way can be oh-so-difficult. You could never imagine just how challenging it would be.

Climbing Mount Misery, a volcano in St. Kitts, was the HARDEST physical thing I had ever done in my life! Our guide headed out at a fast-to-moderately-faster pace, taking a straight vertical route up over monstrous roots and boulders that ranged from tiny to king-size. There were falling rocks and lots of slick, slippery mud.

This was no easy task. I wanted to give up many times. It was so hard. My thighs burned, I was out of breath, my heart raced, and I kept thinking, “If I push myself, will I have a heart attack?!”

I kept lagging behind, asking the guide for a rest, asking “Can we go a bit slower?” as I huffed and puffed. I had no shame speaking up in this group of people that hired my guide for the same reason I did. Many were struggling and slipping...

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A New Year and a New You!

Happy New Year! I intentionally waited to post my first blog for the New Year. As so many of us are reading about fad diets, to-do lists, goals, and whatnot, I decided to change it up a bit.

Many of the people I coach are looking for their purpose. Many wonder what they are here for.

Many struggle with their identity, not understanding that our identity is not based on the roles we fill.

Many start their new year off with great expectations and motivation, only to fizzle out by February.

Like many of you, I had my new year planned. I knew what I wanted to achieve and what it would take to get there. I was ready to roll! But I was met with an unwanted interruption.

I learned that a tooth I had been struggling with for a month needed to be pulled. That’s right, fighting to save this tooth only delayed the inevitable and kept me in a lot of unwanted pain. So on December 31, I had emergency oral surgery. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my tooth broke before the surgeon...

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God's Proclamation is for Our Preparation

christmas preparation Dec 23, 2018

Why do we celebrate the season? Jesus is the reason!

2,000 years ago, it was a star that led men to the Christ child. How wise was God to guide mankind to the Savior of the world by using a bright and brilliant star! More so, God was so kind to proclaim His coming for centuries in order to prepare the hearts of mankind to anticipate and watch for it.

This holiday season, know this. God proclaims what is coming in order to prepare our hearts so we will be ready when it arrives. What may be coming personally for you?

I know this, something is being prepared for those of us who know Him. When Jesus came, He proclaimed His return. In His Word He has given us instructions to be watchful, sober, and ready for the season of His magnificent reentry to gather His people.

There is so much to anticipate! So much to be excited for. So much to be grateful for. So much to prepare. 

This season I pray that all may come to find peace, love, joy, and rest in the Savior, Jesus Christ...

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Facebook Shakedown! Opinions—Everybody's Got 'Em

We’ve all seen people use Facebook as an outlet to share their opinion. They may air out their dirty laundry, thinking they’re being “real”. Some may express depressing thoughts, hoping to gain sympathy from their followers. Others may put forth a negative agenda of some sort to stir the pot or attract attention. How about the political meltdowns we have seen! Oy vey!

Here is why I tend not to post opinions or comments:

  1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It doesn't mean they’re right, but they do have a right. Why do we all get up in arms over things we don’t agree with? Most people are not right or wrong, they just think differently. And that’s OK.
  2. Why do we post within our friend group as if to persuade people to think like us, and stir up strife for those we claim to love who happen to disagree with our mindset?
  3. We speak love in one post, and spew hate in the next.
  4. What message do we want to share with our Facebook friends?...
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